Day 7 - Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre area is all about being outside and enjoying the view, the people watching, and the food. There are five cities (hence the name) and between each city are hikes that you can take to see the scenery and the vertical vineyards that make this landscape so unique.

One of Paul's favorite experiences here was simply watching the locals play a game of soccer in the main square (which is tiny). Kids and adults played together and, at one point, kicked the ball inside an outdoor restaurant, which only created more laughs for everyone. It was such a fun thing to see.

It was in this city of Manarola that I realized elderly people gather together throughout the day and just talk. Talk politics, gossip, share stories ... you name it. It was fun to see this throughout the rest of the smaller, more local cities, rather than the big touristy ones. Needless to say, Cinque Terre was one of my favorite cities we visited throughout our entire trip.


Nicole said...

This place looks incredible! Such lovely pictures!!

Char said...

Your photos are so amazing! We are heading to Europe in a couple of months and have just started planning our Italy leg. I had heard how beautiful the Cinque Terre is but now you have convinced us we must add it to our list of places we must visit! Thank you.