This is the time of year for family shoots ... and I'm loving it! I love seeing the different families and getting to know all the little kids. Photographing these families makes me grateful for my own. I hope you all remember your blessings this holiday season!


The Freedom Tower


Bethany & Kimball

Before I get in to this wedding I want to tell you about Bethany and her dress. Bethany made her dress. Yup. As in needle and thread sewing. The best part? She had never before made one thing in her life. I didn't believe it either until she told me the entire story. It's amazing. This girl needs to be interviewed, or something, because she did a spectacular job. The materials she used were 1) an anthropologie shower curtain for the bottom portion and 2) her Grandmother's lace from her original wedding dress for the top portion. Seriously incredible.

Bethany & Kimball had the sweetest, simplest wedding. No cake, no dancing, no bouquet/garter toss. Just a simple ceremony and a greeting line to see their guests. It was beautiful for so many reasons. Bethany & Kimball are so kind, so precious to one another. It was beyond obvious to me and I had just met them! I couldn't be happier they chose me to document their day.

Enjoy the photos!