[ Thank you ... ]

... to everyone who helped put on a bridal shower for me, and for those of you who came and contributed to the wonderful evening. Thank you THANK YOU!

[ flowers from Meredith ]


[ Driving Range ]

Saturday afternoon I went to the Twin Lakes driving range with a bunch of male friends of mine. I'm sure everyone was peeved at my photographing all over the place, but it was necessary. It was a beautiful day and the golf course was prime for taking pictures.


[ net & sky ]

Yesterday was THE most beautiful day. Ever.

More to come from the twin lakes driving range ...


[ Oil Refinery ]

Near the Ventura Brooks Campus there is a really huge old oil refinery station where a bunch of my friends and I went to photograph. Below is just a sampling of the things I found there. 


[ Cynthia & Erick ]

Congratulations to Cynthia and Erick on their engagement! June 6th, 2009 is the big day! We went to Butterfly Beach and then the SB Courthouse for photographs. The day couldn't have been more beautiful, and they were both so much fun to spend the morning with! Congrats again, soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Lopez!


[ Cynthia & Erick - sneak peek ]

Cynthia and Erick engagements coming soon ..................