[ The underside of an old tub ]

In 2006 my darling friend Jamie Christensen and I found an old barn in Buellton, CA. My find of that day was this old tub where it was half chipping its paint and half molding. It was awesome. P.S. These images were taken with my old point and shoot Canon camera...these were the days before my 5D. I love old work...


[ Janet & Sergio ]

Small and intimate weddings are sometimes the most charming. Janet and Sergio were married in the backyard of a friends home with a guest list of around 30 people. Since this was a second marriage for both Janet and Sergio, the wedding was very casual, which made for some intimate and fun photographs. The best part of the day was when everyone carried their own chairs from the reception site to the dinner site! It was fun...


[ Tiny Dog ]

Is this not the cutest dog you've ever seen??


[ Flowers ]

Tonight I photographed a very small, intimate, and charming wedding. I'll post the highlights of Janet and Sergio soon!


[ little yellow pitcher ]

My last memory of Color Me Mine is no longer from my Junior Prom date with Ben Rigby. No-siree! I went there a couple months ago and got all sorts of creative (uh, notice my sarcasm...check out the all-yellow pitcher)! Yea, I can't paint creatively so I decided to go for one color; a color that would scream watermelons and summer time. I hope this does the trick.

This pitcher (well, in this case I've turned it into a vase) will be in many photographs to come, guaranteed. I love it.


[ Porch Swing ]

These types of porch swings make me want a beautiful home with a lovely porch and a killer view. The only difference between this porch swing and my future porch swing is that mine won't have spider webs on it. Eew!


[ Rileigh & Jocelyn ]

This is the complete Rileigh and Jocelyn shoot (look to my May 15th post) from the other day. Well, not ALL the pictures, but definitely some of my most preferred!

P.S. If you're trying to photograph a child and they're just NOT in the mood, blow bubbles. I swear, it works like magic. They get mega excited and forget there's a camera in their face.


[ tiny tiny baby ]

Rileigh Hansen is due in two weeks! Her little baby girl is going to be so beautiful. More to come from her pregnancy shoot with her daughter, Jocelyn. 


[ Details... ]

... at the Santa Barbara fair.