Jelly Belly Factory


Oakland LDS Temple

I could visit this Temple all the time! Oh my gosh, prettiest views ever.


San Francisco, CA


the everyday project - my office

Here is a sneak peek into my office, which is where I sit most of my days. I love my office space.


Hiking the Dish

Hiking the dish (aka The Stanford Dish Hike) is a beautiful trail that will give you views of just about everything in the bay area. I happened to go on a clear day and was able to see San Francisco's skyline perfectly!


Stanford University


Santa Cruz, CA



Oh my goodness, I loved my shoot today. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my job? Because I do, oh so much.


the everyday project - my mail

Lately I've been pushing myself to photograph the beautiful things in my everyday life. Here is my first attempt at this personal project of mine, which today is mail. I receive mail every day, so I chose to photograph my delivery. It just so happened that I received a sweet gift from dear friends and some lovely belated birthday wishes, among other things.

Here's to the everyday beauty in our lives!


The Moore Family

Jane is someone I've known since as long as I can remember! I couldn't be happier that she married a great guy, and that they have such a beautiful family together.