[ Happy Birthday Mom ]

Another birthday in my family ... but this time it's my Mom's! Here are a few things I love about my Mom:

1. She brings me down treats when I'm exercising in their gym. Seriously.
2. She is a master of the piano and wrote me my very own song for my wedding, personalized. Sooo cool! How many people can say that!
3. She is considerate and always thinks of others.
4. She tickles my back whenever we're talking in bed, which is surprisingly often.
5. She bakes, cooks, creates, and loves to be in the kitchen. It's a miracle I don't weigh 1000lbs.
6. She is an incredibly spiritual person, which is an example to me.
7. Any time I tear my clothing or need a quick fix, my Mom whips out her mad domestic skills and repairs anything that needs repairing.
8. She thinks she has a "good side" and a "bad side" to her face, but what she doesn't know is that she's friggin gorgeous.

Happy Birthday Momster! MUAH!


[ Happy Birthday Jeff ]

Today my one and only brother turns 34 ... yay! I love birthdays.


[ hippie love ]

Today at Liberty Park there was a drum-roll circle ... the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the adornments surrounding the group. This couple, Alicia and Sean, are getting married in one month. You will see lots more of them on my blog - bridals AND their wedding! I can't wait!


[ hairpiece ]

Mari Elizabeth Couture has done it again! She made this incredible hairpiece you see pictured in this post. She makes simple and elegant hairpieces custom to your liking ... and the best part is she's very affordable. Not cheap ... affordable. Go to her site and if you like her couture hairpieces, email her and get a sketch going on your very own custom wedding hairpiece.


[ Carolee & Britton ]

Married 9.5.09 ... Carolee and Britton first had their reception at the McKay Events Center in Orem, UT on Friday, and then were married the next day at the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. It was an incredible wedding with many of their loved ones! I was really impressed with their friends and family and how kind every one of them were.

Enjoy the photographs! First you will see getting ready photos, then the reception.

Now for their wedding day ... first a luncheon at the JSMB and then the Temple.