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[ My One Year Anniversary ]

Today Paul and I have been married for one whole year! Such an incredible year.

The beautiful Kirsten Ellis photographed my wedding. She went to the Brooks Institute of Photography and has an incredible eye for all things beautiful. She made our wedding day picture perfect.

Enjoy these photographs ....

A quick interruption: my mother (pictured below) wrote the lyrics to and composed a song for Paul and me on our special day. My cousin, Rachel Hales (a voice major), performed the song. It was incredible!


[ Destination Wedding Giveaway ]

I am so excited to announce this ... I am giving away wedding photography for an out-of-state (out-of-Utah) bride and groom. Click HERE for all the details and information on how to enter.

Tell your friends who are getting married to submit their wedding info!


[ Where I want to be ... ]

... is in this home, kicking back with family. This is my home away from home where I'm always welcome, if not persuaded to visit. The view is spectacular and looks right out on to Catalina Island.


[ Katie & TJ ]

are getting married in May ... what a darling couple.


[ The Stoker Family ]


[ horses ]

Last weekend I photographed a wedding in Logan, UT. Logan is very agricultural ... in fact, Utah State University (located in the heart of Logan) has a mascot of the aggies. When you go there you can't help but to notice the beautiful scenery and the livestock. These horses caught my eye.

Look closely to see the gnarly plant caught in their manes and their tails. Ouch!


[ Collette & Steve Engagements ]

Meet Collette and Steve. These two major babes are getting married in March and I am truthfully so excited to photograph their beautiful day!