Day 6 - Pisa & Cinque Terre

Pisa is something you just have to see because ... well, because you have to. We spent about 1 hour there and then bailed. I was quite anxious to get to the next destination, which was our tiny city of Manarola in the Cinque Terre.

I love Manarola. I mean, just look at the views of the walk we took and you'll see why. The vertical vineyards were something I had never seen before and the scenery was astonishing. Pastel buildings against black rock ... oooooh it was perfect!



Traveling has been so wonderful these past 24 days. I honestly cannot explain how satisfying it was to really experience Italy city after city after city. Paris was great, too. It was relaxing at times, stressful at others, and just plain amazing the rest of the time. I loved meeting new people and eating the food there, plus seeing all the beautiful architecture that makes Italy ... well, Italy.

All this being said, it is very nice to be back. I'm looking forward to an incredible summer filled with cooking, working, and family and friends.

In case you're wondering about my next "Italy" post, well, it will be up soon. I couldn't keep up with all the photos I was taking so I had to stop while vacationing. Soon, though!!


Day 5 - Siena


Day 4 - Naples & Pompeii


Day 3 - Rome

This trip is such a dream! I love walking around the ancient city of Rome, enjoying the sunshine and the delicious food. I have to keep pinching myself to remember that this whole experience is real!

Day three was spent at the Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, Palatine Hill, Capitol Hill, Trajan's Column, Emanuele's monument, St Peter in Chains, Castel Sant'Angelo, and Piazza Navona.


Day 2 - Vatican City

Day two was spent touring the Vatican City here in Rome. I loved being in the Basilica and also walking through the Vatican Museum. I also toured the Necropolis (no photographs allowed ... darn) and I physically saw the bones of Peter! Craziness. The whole day was just surreal.