[ happy halloween ]


[ This weekend ... ]

... I am photographing a wedding at the Sleepy Ridge Golf Course in Orem, UT. Alicia had her bridal photographs taken around the grounds of the golf course, which is what these images are. Enjoy!


[ My friend Jason ]

Jason is one of my closest friends I made while living in Santa Barbara. He is also a photographer, and quite an amazing one at that. Go see his stuff HERE. This photograph is from this past January in Lompoc, CA on one of our many photographic endeavors.

Oh, and he's engaged to be married in December! Be looking out for his wedding photographs ... they're destined to be stupendous!


[ leaves ]

Kiss while they fall around you.


[ ! ]

Roots is now selling their holiday wreaths. They come in a few different styles ... plain, square, bushy, and decorated with ribbon if you want it! Go get yours today!

Plus, they have all their Halloween decorations up: skeleton keys, ghosts, bats, witches ...


[ Elegance ]

This was a perfectly elegant engagement shoot, accompanied by a vintage rolls royce. There are SOOO many beautiful photographs to go through ... more to be posted once I whittle them down to my top favorites!


[ a permanent reminder ]


[ pumpkin world ]

I went to pumpkin world (aka Vineyard Garden Center in Orem, UT) with my darling niece and nephew. Pictured here is Davis, my nephew.


[ wooden high chair + baby ]

='s a darling photograph. This picture made my day a little brighter ...


[ Kelsie's Bridals ]

Do you remember how I said I was intoxicated with this bride? Well, how could I NOT be???


[ Jane & Brian's preview ]

I am in love with this wedding I photographed on Friday the 9th. They laid in the grass for me just so I could photograph them kissing in it. Ah me ... what a dream.


[ 4X5 Polaroids ]

These Polaroids were taken with my 4X5 View Camera. I just happened to have mustaches lying around ...

This is my husband and me. Oh, and forgive me for the poor quality on these scans.


[ Mr. Kayson Dawson ]

I love Kayson. Look how darling, playful, and lovable he is! Enjoy the photographs ...


[ Bouquet & Boutonniere ]

Roots donated this incredible bouquet and boutonniere to the Jon Canlas workshop. Paul (my husband) and I modeled as a married couple for the workshop and these were our flowers. It was fun to put on our wedding clothes again, except this time around I wore my little sisters princess dress. Her dress was so awesome I just had to model in it!

I'll most likely post images or send a link to the images once the film is developed. Thanks again Roots!


[ intoxication ]

I have a new obsession - Kelsie. She is one of my brides this coming November and yesterday I had such a fun bridal shoot with her! More to come, so be watching out for this one! I'll also post the film ones I shot (which should be the bestest of the best).


[ more ... ]

More from the Alicia and Sean engagement. These are film, the others were digital.


[ the color purple ]

A purple tie and cute purple socks ... what a cute outfit. Pretty stylish I say!