Baby Lola



Cinnamon belongs to the owner of Paradise Palm here in SLC. What a beautiful dog.



This little guy is my nephew, James, and last I saw him was when he was four months old. Now James is walking, babbling, laughing, dancing, and even rests his head against me to snuggle. James has eight teeth .... he's growing up so fast! He'll be one in just a few weeks!

Watching James eat was one of the cutest things I've seen in a while. He'd make funny faces if it was too hot/cold, he'd feed the begging dog down below, and he was shrieking like a maniac, and it was absolutely adorable. I realized that while he was getting his daily nourishment, I was being nourished by his sweet personality and sweetness.

Love you James.


Paul and I ...

... are enjoying three glorious weeks in California. Our plans include:

- lots and lots of walks
- bike rides
- visiting friends
- delicious food, both homemade and from our favorite restaurants
- movies
- photo adventures
- nieces and nephews
- sea world
- disneyland
- holding hands

Toot-a-loo and enjoy your holiday season!

photo taken by the wonderful Alison Cox


Beth & Landon

I honestly cannot express how much fun this wedding was! Landon came out of the Temple practically beaming, saying over and over "how cool" being married is. These two were so happy it was contagious. Constant smiles and lots of laughs!

I love Beth and Landon. Aaaaand .... if you're looking for a videographer definitely check out their website. They are a creative team (both in their work and in their style) and I promise they'll make your shoot a breeze. They are a great, great couple.