[ LA City Art Walk ]

This, my friends, is the LA City Art Walk held right in the downtown art district. I had never been before so I went to see what it was all about. There was a lot of artwork displayed in galleries along a few streets which you stroll in to each one. Basically, there is a herd and you simply follow it. Free juice drinks were being passed around lots of good fusion food to buy.

Have a lovely weekend.


[ Fairy Bouquet ]

The Window Box in Layton, Utah designed this elegant bouquet. It was a unique bouquet in its design because, if you look closely, the flowers cascade downward in the front. Mmmm. So pretty.


[ moonlight ]

Taken as I was leaving my latest wedding. A perfect way to end the night AND my roll of film.


[ butterfly portrait ]


[ Olivia & Father ]

This is my niece, Olivia, with her father aka my brother-in-law Mike. This was taken at the lovely Waimea Bay in Oahu, Hawaii.

Someone asked me recently if I had a favorite photograph of mine. I told him I always have a favorite from every shoot, which is entirely true, and this one has to be one of my favorites from Hawaii. I think it's because of the composition, the sweetness of Olivia in her fathers arms, something about the beach, something about the tattoos ....

I simply adore this photograph.


[ Morgan & Grant Instax ]

I am SOOO excited about the wedding I photographed this past Saturday May 22nd. They were married in a grove of trees next to a lake and a waterfall ... they had real life butterflies that they let out of a box ... she had two wedding dresses (one for the ceremony and one for the reception) ... it was a gorgeous wedding which I will be so excited to show you!

Here are the instant film photographs I took. They aren't professional whatsoever, just fun! My personal favorite is the one of Morgan & Grant at their reception, cheek to cheek. Anyway, more to come from their wedding when I'm through editing them!


[ USS Missouri ]


[ Aimee & Taylor ]

Today the sweet and charming Aimee and Taylor are getting married! No, I am not shooting the wedding. In fact, I am a guest at the wedding, which is so nice for a change.

Have a lovely weekend!


[ Samoan Tribal Tattoo ]

What unique tattoos ... these indicate a rite of passage into manhood.


[ The JSMB ]

This photograph here was taken by a great friend of mine, Jamie Christensen. She took this of Paul and me at the JSMB (Joseph Smith Memorial Building) at my sisters wedding last year. Anyway, I love it and I wanted to share this with you for fun.


[ A quick sample ]

Here is a quick preview of what I was up to this weekend! Kelly and Bryan had a LOVELY wedding in the gorgeous city of Palos Verdes, CA. Congratulations!


[ Today ... ]

... I am in LA shooting the lovely wedding of Kelly and Bryan Weed. They are having their ceremony in the Los Angeles LDS Temple and having their reception in Palos Verdes, CA (which is actually where I used to hang out a lot when I lived in CA).

These engagements were taken in Provo, UT.


[ The LOVE Parasol ]

I simply adore this parasol.


[ Grant ]

My nephew Grant turned 6 this April!


[ The Beus Family ]

This little baby boy, Jonathan, was only three weeks old at the time of the shoot. He was in a great mood and the whole shoot was very uncomplicated.

Stephen, the father of Jonathan, is a master pianist. He attended the all-famous Juilliard School, he's played at Carnegie Hall and he's won many competitions all across the world. Check out his website HERE. He and his wife Alainna are proud parents!

Enjoy these precious photographs of the Beus family.


[ daydreaming ]

Lately Paul and I have been missing the ocean. We've been daydreaming about it ... it's cluttered our thoughts. Well ... today Paul and I are headed somewhere gloriously warm. We're traveling to Oahu, Hawaii for a week for some well needed vacationing.

I will be away from my phone and my email responses may be a bit slower than usual ... lo siento.

• Taken by a Holga Camera by my husband, Paul


[ Megan & Dave ]

Megan and Dave were very pleasant to work with. In fact, they were a breeze to photograph! They are so "in love" that photographing them was so natural and everything happened for me without much direction. It was a gorgeous day, too.