[ living things ]

These were taken in San Diego by a nearly dried-up lake.


[ Ladder to the sky ]


[ Santa Barbara Mission ]

Disclaimer: This post has an excessive amount of photographs of the Santa Barbara Mission. If you're sick of it already then please feel free to skip this one.

I love the Santa Barbara Mission for a few reasons. My first apartment in SB was right behind the mission and every time I see the mission (or photographs of it) it makes me remember that I lived there for years. Also, one of my first assignments at Brooks was to successfully photograph the mission with a 4X5 camera with the cross on the lawn and the cross on the actual building BOTH in focus (refer to photograph #2, although I didn't have both in focus on this shot). I literally had to re-shoot the assignment almost 4 times before I received a passing grade on it ... oof. Anyway, this last visit to Santa Barbara made me realize I had never successfully photographed the mission in a way that I was be pleased with so it was my goal to return and do it for none other than myself.


[ Roots Flowers ]

I love Roots Flowers. I seriously feel like they make some of the prettiest arrangements I've ever seen.


[ Zannah & Dave Instax ]

This weekend I was able to meet with Zannah and Dave (I'm photographing their wedding in March) and this photograph makes me anxious for their wedding day to happen! Very photogenic, very sweet, very articulate, very mellow, and naturally VERY in-love.


[ Taylor & Spencer Engagements ]

Mmmmm, another fun engagement shoot! The significance behind the bridge (photograph 2 & 3) is that it's where Spencer asked Taylor to marry him. I love how incredibly sweet these two are with each other ... it's quite apparent in the photographs.


[ Scott & JeNae ]

Scott and JeNae are my brother and sister-in-law. Paul and I visited these two in San Diego earlier this month.

Things we did: San Diego Temple, a picnic at a park by the beach, Scripps Aquarium, a walk around a shrinking lake, delicious food, and lots of relaxing. More pictures to come of this lovely trip I took.


[ the beautiful Emmalee Thomas ]

This beautiful girl was my roommate in Santa Barbara for 2 years ... a talented photographer and the sweetest girl imaginable. Also, very beautiful. When I visited Santa Barbara early January I told Emmalee I needed to photograph her and this is what I came up with.


[ Eliza & Tyler Instant Film ]

For my birthday my husband gave me a new instant camera ... the Instax Mini. Oh goodness, I love it. I used it Saturday night (Jan 16th) at Eliza and Tyler Bradshaw's wedding reception for a few shots. Here they are ... well, the scans of the instant film. I will most likely be using this for most of my weddings, simply because everyone loves polaroids!


[ Kelsie & Nate ]

Married November 20th, 2009 at the Draper, UT LDS Temple and their reception was held at the Provo City Library. What a beautiful, but windy, day!