[ Christmas is here ]

Christmas time has officially arrived.


[ Mustache on a stick ]

Are you looking for a mustache on a stick? Possibly for a photo prop in a wedding, an engagement shoot, or just for fun? Well, look no further. Click HERE to find these mustaches! I got the gentleman's set of four ... yesss!


[ Happy Thanksgiving ]

Today I am thankful for ...

• Paul, my husband
• Family
• Friends
• Education
• Love
• A home
• Diet Coke
• Everything else!

Tomorrow I will be ten pounds heavier because my Mom made 6 enormous pies and 1 pumpkin cheesecake ....


[ Happy Birthday Lisa ]

This is my little sister and today she turns 23! Whoa. She has done so many things in her life:

- Traveled the world. Literally. Japan, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, London, Jerusalem, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, New York, etc. We once had a bet when we were young to see who would travel the most. She beat me by infinity.
- Married the man of her dreams, Mr Jon Beecher.
- Graduated from the school of Economics at BYU.

Those are the big things, but mainly she is a creative and beautiful person and I love her tons!

[ Today ... ]

... I am photographing Sarah and Mitch's wedding at the elegant Salt Lake City Country Club! Sarah is such a sweet bride! I said this earlier but she braved 24 degree weather in Park City for this photo shoot .. brrr!

* Dress made by Penelope ... if anyone needs her contact info, please contact me. She will design your dress however you like!


[ I love you so ]

This gorgeous garland was used as a prop for the wedding I photographed last weekend .... congratulations Kelsie and Nate! Tons more to come once I finish editing!

View the garland HERE!


[ magnifying glass ]

I love my new magnifying glass. I think this little item will help in my photographic endeavors ... maybe I'll use it to magnify someone's diamond engagement ring, or a word that describes a loved one perfectly. We'll simply have to see!

This magnifying glass can be found HERE.


[ Today ... ]

... I am photographing Kelsie and Nate's wedding. Have a lovely weekend!


[ bride & groom ]


[ Scarf Weather ]

Beautiful and freezing (24 degrees). But you wouldn't know because Sarah pulled it off wonderfully ...


[ trees ]

"You're so beautiful .... like a tree" - Jemaine Clement. Watch the hilarious music video here.


[ I love love ]

I love being in love.


[ Park City Barn ]

Look how beautiful this barn is ... it's setting amongst the pasture and mountains make for a perfect place to visit.

On my way home from the barn, I ran into this ... yay for SNOW!

[ tranquility ]


[ Candlesticks ]

These candles from Roots have a simplicity and charm to them that make the room feel a bit more rustic. I think they are beautiful.


[ buddies ... ]

These two men are among my most favorite people of all time (especially the homie on the left who is way too cool for school). Yes, they are grabbing each others pecks.


[ Katie Waltman ]

Here are photographs of the wonderful and beautiful Katie Waltman and her custom made jewelry. Katie is hosting a jewelry show Thursday November 19th (in the evening sometime) at the store, Details, which is located in downtown SLC.

Not only does Katie make the couture jewelry, she models them too. Make sure you look at how amazing her jewelry looks in these photos. Katie is going for vintage and elegant, which is what she's gotten. If you haven't already clicked her name above, click HERE to see her website.

[ golf course kissing ]

Who doesn't love stealing a kiss with the person you love? Especially on a golf course, which is where these took place.

Top photograph: Taken by Lisa, my sister, and is of me and Paul, my husband.
Middle photograph: Lisa and her husband, Jon.


[ Jane & Brian ]

Married on October 9th, 2009. Ceremony at the SLC Temple and reception at the Salt Lake Warehouse Building. Such a gorgeous couple ...