Happy 41st Anniversary, Mom + Dad

Today is my Mom and Dad's 41st wedding anniversary! They are still very much in love ... really, they are. They actually flirt with one another and it's really cute to watch. My parents were high-school sweethearts and she wrote him the entire time my Dad was serving his LDS mission in Japan. When he came home from Japan they were engaged almost immediately, then married in 7 months! Now they have 6 kids and 5 grandkids and I'm sure this bunch will grow and grow!

Thanks Mom and Dad for choosing to have children. We all are so grateful to you and couldn't be more happy to call you ours. Love you always!

© Leo Patrone Photography


Octavia + Patrick Engagements

This couple wins the "most ridiculously good-looking couple" ever. Hands down. Not only are they a beautiful couple but they're so kind, very sweet, and very in-love. I am so happy to have met this two!


Merry Christmas


In case you didn't get the Christmas Card I sent out ... here it is in all its digital glory! I have extra hard copies, so if you want one please email me your home address and I'll send you one! I know you've always wanted a photograph of me kissing my husband on your fridge ... right? Haha, but seriously, let me know. I am very happy with how the photos turned out, but I knew they would be incredible because of the photographer. Thanks Jessica! Love you dearly!

Photos taken by the lovely Jessica Peterson of Jessica Peterson Photography.


The Parker Family

This family is beautiful, ready for a Gap ad, if you ask me! I absolutely loved getting to know this family a little better. I was also impressed at how easily they were smiling despite the cold! Fooled you, didn't they?!


Melissa + Jonathon's Bridals

Wow. WOW! This day couldn't have been more beautiful for the bride and groom to have their photos taken before their big day. This bride also happens to be my cousin, and a beautiful woman, too! I am so happy she found someone just as wonderful as she is.

Congratulations you two!