Wooden Toy

This is my favorite type of gun, which is a fake one. Only happiness can come from this little guy! This toy was given to the groom as a gift at the wedding. Pretty sweet, eh? I thought so, too.


Bench Press Bride

Look how strong this groom is! Or rather, look how tiny this bride is! Either way you look at it, it's pretty random and awesome that this happened in front of my eyes and that I was able to capture it.

Have a great weekend!


Carolyn May Florals

These florals were designed by the wonderful Carolyn May.


A-Frame Tent Engagement

This was an incredible shoot. The full engagement shoot was pretty amazing but these are irresistible and I couldn't wait to share! The tent was made by the mother and sisters of the bride .... they did an amazing job! Enjoy these darling, romantic photographs.


Dirty Johnson's Dog Wash

I've realized I need to photograph more things that really go on in my life rather than only photographing work. So here you have it ... one hour of one of the days in my life. Washing my sisters dog, Lex.


Falling Snow

I really do love snow, rain, and clouds ... it all feels so good to me. This was taken with my mini instax back in April.


Alexa's Senior Portraits

Alexa is such a beautiful girl. What else do I need to say? She's practically perfect in every way. I loved photographing her senior portraits.


Home Sweet Home

Santa Barbara holds a special place in my heart and it always will. It's where I developed my passion for photography, where I met my husband, where I still have my closest friends, and where I daydream of on a daily basis.

I'm here today simply enjoying the sunshine and scenery, friends and family, and my favorite spots.



This May has been a beautiful month ....


Baby Lucy

Could this sweet girl be any cuter? Probably not ...


Nicole & Sam

Nicole and Sam Williams were married this past January in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. Their reception followed at the Chateau, which is a part of Le Jardin. It was an incredible wedding day.

I simply adore Nicole and Sam. They are the type of couple that make my work so incredible. Thank you so much, Nicole and Sam, for having me be a part of your wedding day, your engagements, and your bridals.