[ My mother ... ]

... is turning 60 today.

Things I adore about my mother: She is a fantastic person. She always helps out within her family, her friends, and within her community. She is full of wisdom and always gives sound advice. She still knows how to flirt with my Dad even after 37 years of marriage. She giggles and everything! My mother can cook anything. ANYTHING. Try her. She loves her grandchildren more than anything in the world.

I love you Mom. Next year I might just have an actual photograph of you. She's not very in to having her picture taken. Click HERE to see a photograph of her from last years birthday wish.

This cake was made by the lovely Sarah Farney Atzet.


[ More of the City ]

This city was truly made for me. I heart SF.


[ Happy Birthday Jeff ]

Today is my brothers 34th birthday. He is a father of two, a loving husband, and an awesome big brother. Hope you had a lovely day!

This gorgeous cake was made by the talented Sarah Farney Atzet.


[ Two Dogs ]

Dog portraits are fun ....


[ The Golden Gate Bridge ]


[ Table Decor ]

I'm sure you know, by now, that I simply adore Roots Flowers. Here are some tabletops they decorated with their arrangements.


[ Whoa ]

I have been behind on my posting ... lo siento! Here is a beautiful image from last Thursday's wedding.


[ Flowers ]

Flowers from the Gilgal Sculpture Garden. This sculpture garden is an unexpected surprise in the heart of Salt Lake City.


[ This weekend ... ]

... I am photographing the wedding of Sara Wolfram and Mark Allen here in Napa Valley, CA. Sara is a wedding photographer herself, so check out her work HERE. This wedding is happening at the Hans Fahden winery, which is such a beautiful venue.

Many more photographs to come from this wedding ...


[ Austin, TX ]

A while back I went to Austin ... I've recently been looking through the photographs I took and I found a couple amateur ones (taken with point and shoots), but these are photographs I still adore.

This first image was taken while I was exercising along a beautiful path along the Lake Austin, hence the need for the point and shoot. It's of the Austin skyline in the early morning.

The second image was taken at dusk (nearly pitch black .... I couldn't even focus because I couldn't see anything) and it is of the Congress Avenue Bats. If you aren't aware of what they are, click HERE to read more about them. It's quite the tourist attraction but well worth the visit.


[ Affection ]

This picture is incredibly sweet. Isn't love wonderful?


[ Today ... ]

Today I am photographing the wedding of Sara Moyle & Tom Bench. This darling couple is getting married in the SLC Temple and then heading to Sara's parents home for a backyard reception. So excited for this wedding ...


[ Fleur De Lis ]

More from Fleur De Lis, Masha Kirilenko's couture boutique. Photographed at the Bonneville Salt Flats.


[ Katie & John's Wedding ]

Katie & John's wedding was beautiful and elegant. They were married in the Boston, MA LDS Temple and then had their reception in Avon, CT at the Avon Old Farms Hotel. Katie made a beautiful bride. All the details, especially the cake, were perfect in every way.

My home-boy Brion Hopkins was the photographer for this wedding, but these images you see here are the ones I took.

All the black and white images were shot on Ilford 3200 film.


[ Instant Film ]

Katie's wedding was such a beautiful day. Here are just a few images from my instant film camera. More to come from my real camera ...