[ LaBeau's ]

This week I'm in Bear Lake, UT hanging with my family. LaBeau's is the best place to get milkshakes and burgers. Mmmmmm.


[ Ummmm ]

May I please lay here all afternoon? 


[ chain of lights ]

Such a beautiful way to garnish a building, no matter what season.


[ tricycles ]

are everywhere outside my home, but I love them dearly. Look how dang cute they are!


[ Spanish Fork, UT ]

Llama's make up about 1/2 of the population of this town ... it's fantastic and rural and I want to spend an evening taking pictures there (which I kind of did already, but not nearly enough).


[ Jodi & Tyler's engagements ]

Here are engagements of a dear friend of mine, Jodi. She has found her dream boat of a man, Tyler. Woot woot! Their wedding date is September 3rd, so be on the lookout for more pictures of them!


[ Noah Hill ]

I love Noah! He's sooo cute, isn't he? I don't have children of my own so I asked Anna if I could keep him. She said yes, but only for a day if I REEEEAAAALLLLY wanted to. Needless to say, I decided to wait........


[ backyard planter ]

This one flower impressed me so much and it led to an entire mini shoot of this planter. Why? Nobody knows ...


[ Cooking ]

My mother is a fantastic cook! She has taught me sooo much about food while living here in Salt Lake! She taught me how to make homemade meatballs ... then we put them on hoagies and had a meatball sub! I may be 10lbs heavier by the end of my cooking endeavors. Watch out.


[ Okie ]


[ Roots ]

Roots is a company that I would highly recommend to anyone with a floral agenda! If you need an arrangement for your business, call Roots. If you are getting married and need a gorgeous bouquet, call Roots. If you need something fresh for your home, need I even say it? Call Roots! The cutest gals work there and the owner, Rachel, runs a smooth business. They even sell dog collars of all sizes and designs!

FYI: They put together my bouquet on my wedding day, which was greatly appreciated.


[ red mustache ]

Summer time makes me remember the good old days when I would slurp snow cone juice and get it all over my face, hands, clothing ... everywhere. I had a slurpee today (not quite the same as a snow cone) and it made my tongue and teeth blue. I love summer! Here you see Hailey literally downing her snow cone remains - ummmmm. So tasty!

[ peek-a-boo ]

Isn't it cute when infants think you literally "disappear" when playing the game peek-a-boo? Ah, the wonderful innocence of children makes me smile. 


[ Imagination ]

Mari has reinvented herself once again with adorned t-shirts (which are VERY affordable) and innovative necklaces. I think she might be the most original and inventive woman I have single handedly ever met! The first two images are Mari's t-shirts and the last two images are her couture necklaces. This is only a preview so watch out for more pictures soon!

Makeup: Courtney Alvord
Models: Jessica Hughes, Lauren & Taylor Young


[ La Caille Bridal Fair ]

Today I am a vendor at the La Caille Bridal Fair, so come on by and check my booth out! I am giving away one free bridal session, so hurry on over and make sure you say hello to me!


[ love ]

Lately I've been consumed with the idea of love. I think I've realized how special two people falling in love truly is. 

This is my favorite picture I've taken lately. It makes my heart melt with happiness.


[ The Britton Family ]

This was an incredibly successful family portrait session with Meggan and Ontario Britton, and their two children Gabe and Tom Tom. This family was so beautiful to work with! I am lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph their sweet family. This is only a sneak peek of the entire shoot ...

Location: Castle Rock Amphitheatre


[ kiss ]

A really yummy kiss sounds awesome right about now ...

Congratulations Lisa and Jon on your engagement!! WOOT WOOT!