[ Santa Barbara Mission ]

Disclaimer: This post has an excessive amount of photographs of the Santa Barbara Mission. If you're sick of it already then please feel free to skip this one.

I love the Santa Barbara Mission for a few reasons. My first apartment in SB was right behind the mission and every time I see the mission (or photographs of it) it makes me remember that I lived there for years. Also, one of my first assignments at Brooks was to successfully photograph the mission with a 4X5 camera with the cross on the lawn and the cross on the actual building BOTH in focus (refer to photograph #2, although I didn't have both in focus on this shot). I literally had to re-shoot the assignment almost 4 times before I received a passing grade on it ... oof. Anyway, this last visit to Santa Barbara made me realize I had never successfully photographed the mission in a way that I was be pleased with so it was my goal to return and do it for none other than myself.

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Missy Eyre said...

I LOVE the mission, my grandpa lives in Santa Barbara and it's beautiful there. I was accepted to Brooks and was about to go... but then got married :) So awesome you went there!