[ Happy New Year! ]

Paul and I are jumping for joy at the adventures that await us this coming year! What are my new years resolutions?

1. Take a really, really fun trip somewhere that requires a plane (I'm crossing my fingers for NYC or Chicago or Italy).
2. Read one book a month. More realistically it will end up being about 1 book every two-three months.
3. Take a bath at least two times a week. I love baths!
4. Buy ridiculously sparkly shoes. Maybe THESE.
5. Learn how to cook and prepare food.
6. Stay optimistic everyday.
7. Branch out from my usual t-shirt and jeans getup and buy more girlie clothing.
8. Drink more diet coke. I'm down to one or two a week and it's a shame.
9. Stay in touch with old friends.
10. Make new friends and invite them to dinner or take them out. Either way ...

... and lastly I need to play with Paul more and go on tons and tons of dates with him. Movies, snuggling sessions, and definitely more bike rides and walks.


Jackie Norris said...

I love how it's drink MORE diet coke :)

good list!

Jodi said...

love the goals! especially the d.coke and baths. and aparkly shoes. but most of all, stay in touch with friends.