Erin + Chris

My end-of-year resolution is to post more weddings! I post so many other types of photography but I don't post what I do most of all! So there you have it, my promise to you to post more current weddings!

And now, here is the lovely wedding of Erin and Chris! They had an intimate ceremony inside the SLC LDS Temple and a ring ceremony and reception at the lovely Louland Falls (previously known as Rose Sachs Gardens). Their wedding day was all laughs and a lot of love. The craziest part? Three teenagers literally crashed the wedding in denim and hoodies, which was quite obvious. The bride handled it so perfectly and even invited them to stay! So so so nice of her. The families were just so kind and everyone was so sweet to one another. I felt so happy to have been invited to their special event.

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lh said...

I wanna see a pic of the wedding crashers!