Day 1 - Rome

This is really happening and I can hardly believe it! I am here in Italy after weeks and months (well, years) of planning. Over the next month I will be posting my favorite photos of my trip so please stay tuned to see what I'm seeing and photographing!

Day 1: Pantheon, walking the Pantheon district, gelato, Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps.


Jeff and Ash said...

So jealous, but way happy that you are there right now! Looks beautiful. I'm excited to see more pictures!!

Leslie said...

Ooo, those stairs with the purple flowers. I want to hang out there.

Brittons of Provo said...

If you go to Florence, you should definitely get some gelato from Gelateria de Medici. It's amazing! I ate there at least 3x a week. Their fig gelato is scrumptious. Also focaccia bread from the bakery in Piazza San Marco. It is So. Good! I believe it's called Foccaceria di San Marco.