[ Murray Dozen ]

Murray Resinski is the creator of the Murray Dozen - 11 nutritiously dense vegan muffins ... 11 because he personally taste-tests every single batch to make sure you're getting the best! I've tried pretty much all his amazing concoctions and I have to say they're incredible. His prices are low ... about $17ish for a Murray Dozen if you live outside of Utah (that turns out to be $1.60 a muffin AND it includes shipping). If you live in-state, you're looking to pay only $12 for a Murray Dozen! Click HERE to see his website (website is under construction).

A few of his muffins:
- Spicy Cornbread
- Almond Anise
- Chocolate Chip Surprise
- Pumpkin Pecan Apricot Spice
- Lemon Poppyseed
- Blueberry


meredith conroy said...

i <3 murray muffins!

meredith conroy said...

pb & j? SO DELICIOUS. thank you murray and christine!