[ All I wanted for Christmas was .... ]

a new pair of new UGG boots. My old ones were, shall we say, gross. And smelly.


[ The Sorensen Family ]

This family was such a treat to photograph ...


[ brie cheese ]

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ........


[ My Grandmothers Cookies ]

Growing up my Grandma would strategically line up her grandchildren and we would frost the sugar cookies she had already made. These were my favorite Christmas memories! Since she isn't alive anymore we are glad to carry on the tradition .... These cookies were made by my Aunt Ann.


[ red berries ]


[ merry christmas ]

May your day be filled with holiday cheer and a gorgeous dinner with family and friends ...


[ LDS Temple in Logan, UT ]

This LDS Temple was completed and dedicated in 1884 and is truthfully one of the prettiest I've seen.


[ Fog ]


[ Missy & Ryan Engagements ]

Such an incredibly fun couple to photograph ... Believe it or not but it was definitely in the low 20's and snowing when we shot this. Missy was such a good sport! You will see much much more of them when I photograph their bridals & groomals and eventually their wedding in March.


[ don't mess ... ]

... with this threesome. Their stances and their mean scowls say it all. Ok seriously though, don't you love the snowball in mid-toss? It's pretty hard core if you ask me. Oh, and men drinking diet cokes ...... It doesn't get tougher than that.


[ Jason & Nicole ]

Here are the photographs I casually shot for Jason's wedding. The real photographer was my friend Brion, who attended the same photography school I did. I only shot this one roll of film and this is every image from that roll (minus two of Nicole under the umbrella that were pretty repetitive). As you will see, I overdosed photographing the LDS Newport Beach Temple, but it was so pretty that I had to!

Such a fun trip ... I absolutely loved seeing old friends from Santa Barbara. That was my highlight of the trip, for sure.