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Who here loves Mari Elizabeth Couture headbands? I do! You can see her headbands and necklaces HERE. Well, Mari has now created a new line of couture t-shirts and jewelry. The pictures below show the latter. Her new line is called autumn dame ...

Mari is showcasing her work this weekend here in Salt Lake City! If anyone is interested in a gift for a friend for Christmas or a gift for yourself (c'mon, you deserve it!), then go to her house party. Well, it's not at her house, but you catch my drift. It is this Saturday, December 12th @ 7pm. Address: 1021 Wilson Avenue, SLC, UT 84105.

I can't be there due to a wedding in Newport, but you totally should!

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Meredith Conroy said...

if i could design my own clothes? these would be them. wow.