[ really old film ]

I have a cool story to tell you, so here goes.

I bought the camera pictured below about 1 1/2 years ago at an antique store in Santa Barbara, CA. I bought it as a prop for a photo shoot and never ever used it other than that. It became something to stick on my mantle.

One week ago my husband, Paul, opened it and found Kodak 620 film! This film must be ancient!! Anyway, I had the film developed and these three images turned out, which is very exciting to me. I now have someone else's memory in my possession ... enjoy this little piece of documented history, location unknown.

(The camera - photograph taken taken by me)

(Three landscape images - taken by someone else)


Amy said...

Wow! What a cool discovery!

Jenna said...

that is unbelievably awesome. Who did you trust to develop the film? I have a camera that my grandpa took on his mission to the eastern states in the 1940s. It has film in it and I'd love to have the images...

AngelaBeth said...

I cannot get over how AWESOME this is!