[ Imagination ]

Mari has reinvented herself once again with adorned t-shirts (which are VERY affordable) and innovative necklaces. I think she might be the most original and inventive woman I have single handedly ever met! The first two images are Mari's t-shirts and the last two images are her couture necklaces. This is only a preview so watch out for more pictures soon!

Makeup: Courtney Alvord
Models: Jessica Hughes, Lauren & Taylor Young


AlliSMiles said...

Oooh. I like these a lot! I used to work with Jessica--and Courtney and I are relatives in-law. Funny. Keep crossing paths. Hope you had fun yesterday!

Mari Elizabeth Couture said...

Christine, YOU are the talented one. Thank you for being so sweet. & the girls are GORGEOUS!!! The photos are incredible, that last one, are you kidding me?! Stunning.

Keef and Brit said...

I LOVE the last pic of Jessica. It's AMAZING. Great job Christine! Mari is very lucky to have you doing her photography!