[ Lompoc ]

Jason and I found a lovely "abandoned" barn. And by abandoned, I mean totally occupied by two cows. It's just a barn that's not well taken care of (see first image below for collapsed roof). We also took some awesomely funny jumping pictures in front of a colorful church, which is to come when Jason hands over the files to me. Don't keep them hostage Jason! I know where you live.....


allismiles said...

i love shooting things like this! was it just for fun?

shaywoman said...

Hi there! I found your site here from visiting Mari's page, via the Spikers....I grew up with them!

Anyways. I LOVE your shots! You are very clever with your point of reference and creating an awesome depth of field, texture, color, and everything! Nicely done!

I live in the Santa Clarita area and struggle finding great "sets" if you will for great shots! Any pointers finding awesome things like the barn and such!?

Anyways. I love your creative-ness!


Christine Olson said...

Hey Shay! What's your email address? Write me and we'll talk more in-depth about your questions.