[ Fort Douglas Cemetery ]

Welcome to the Fort Douglas Cemetery ... a cemetery dedicated to military veterans, prisoners of war, etc. I think it's a calm and beautiful spot, even if it is a graveyard.


[ church ]


[ Missy & Ryan 3.13.10 ]

Missy and Ryan were married March 13th, 2010. The day was cold, wet, snowy, yet beautiful! They were married in the SLC LDS Temple and then had a ring ceremony and a reception later that night in Trolley Square.

It was so chilly the day of their wedding that we went back a month later to do photographs around the Temple grounds. These are from a sunnier and warmer day!


[ Neighborhood Couples ]

These lovely folks are in my neighborhood and once a week on Monday nights we get together and hang ... we talk about uplifting things but mostly we get to know one another.


[ Utah Weather ]

Utah weather is very irregular ... one day it will be 65 degrees and sunny and the next day you might wake up with 3 inches of snow on your car! You never know, especially in the spring.

This photograph was taken digitally ... then I used THIS program to turn it into a Polaroid. Lots of fun if you like the look of Polaroids but don't own one.


[ my tiny neighbor ]

I caught Bryan as he was helping his mother carry in the groceries from the car ... he looked so cute trying to carry HUGE cartons of juice! Love this kid.


[ Gourmandise - The Bakery ]

Gourmandise cakes and desserts ... pretty edible, I say. Lots of birthday's this month in my family ... two sisters and a nephew.